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Win: 150 Dollar Visa Gift Card

Win: 150 Dollar Visa Gift Card

Get More Texas sponsor this Tombola, giving the lucky winner a $150 Visa Gift Card to spend on whatever they want!


Retail Value:: $150

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Get More Texas

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Karri Janiece Steed with 460 tickets Tricia Williams with 420 tickets Mark Watson with 415 tickets Max Mam with 400 tickets Kara Kjellman with 385 tickets Debra Corbin with 360 tickets Joni Mason with 340 tickets Michael Perkins with 310 tickets Alison Lee Shiets with 300 tickets Angela Ivey with 300 tickets Beatrice Pierre with 300 tickets Becky Horn with 300 tickets Dario Moniz with 300 tickets Julie Link with 300 tickets Rebecca Oakleaf with 300 tickets Russell Moore with 300 tickets Steven McCuan with 300 tickets Tamara Tanner with 300 tickets Marie Cornwall with 270 tickets Chefman Russell with 260 tickets John Patterson with 260 tickets Laura Klassen with 260 tickets Mike J Anderson with 260 tickets Тамара Щербакова with 260 tickets Venessa Renee' Oleo Martin with 255 tickets Eileen Deliz with 250 tickets Greg Sullivan with 250 tickets James Van Hooser with 250 tickets Jessica Roberts with 250 tickets Kathie Hoehn with 250 tickets Kathryn Duryea Cort with 250 tickets Katie Johnson with 250 tickets Konny R Church with 250 tickets Kristen Hendricks with 250 tickets Linda Hildebrand with 250 tickets Mary Dixon Pitman with 250 tickets
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